Social Media Marketing

Building Social Media Integration into your website design plan is one
of the most cost-effective methods you can use to promote your
business and increase traffic to your website.


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  • Quality Facebook timeline page design
  • New Facebook account setup if necessary
  • Stock images if you have none of your own
  • Two free revisions to the design during creation
  • Copy writing service available for an additional charge
  • We can upload and install the Facebook page for you
  • Specialized, dedicated support

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Reasons to Use Social Networking in Your Business Promotional Plan

Few would argue the impacted that the internet has had on our lives, changing even the normal social structure of what we do and how we do it.
If you’re planning a business website chances are your decision to do so is based on the fact that the internet is where your customers are.

Today, no serious internet marketing business plan is complete without considering the advantage of including the social media network to that plan.

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube make social networking possible for business of all sizes and industries. These sites allow you to share and promote your organization with people who follow your business’s profile. Using the social media can help you reach your current customers and potential clients quickly and economically.

  • Most social networking sites are free to use
  • Social networking allows you to reach a wide audience including people who otherwise wouldn’t know about you
  • Social networking can provide a “personal connection” with your customers
  • Social networking allows instant communication, sharing important information and promotions with your customers
  • Your social media profile can help build a public image of your company with carefully planned messages, photos and videos
  • A Facebook page will be picked up by search engines. Updating your page regularly with links back to your site can help you move up the Google rankings


We can help you build a stronger online identity using social media
techniques and a professional Facebook page for your business. Contact us