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SEO Boost will get your website verified with the major search engines then
we’ll go to work listing your website with directory services including
Google Places for Business to tie a location map to your website.

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  • Site Verifications sent to Major Search Engines
  • Website Submit to Strategic Directory listings
  • Free account with Google Places for Business
  • Google location map placement on your webpage
  • RSS (syndication of Web content) setup

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Website Content, Links, and Social Media are the Three Pillars Of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is all about making your business more easily found online by having your website rank higher in search engines i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo,, AOL etc.

This is accomplished through a strategy of keyword structure and page content (Pillar 1), Links to and from your website (Pillar 2), and Social Media like Facebook pages (Pillar 3).

Complete SEO is an art as well as a science and the professional time involved to do a stellar job of it is both expensive and long term (see Related Articles below). If you were a fortune 500 company you would retain the services of an agency that does nothing but SEO for between $750-5,000 per month but you don’t need an agency on retainer to get your business found in all the right places.

All of our custom websites are initially designed around the SEO concept. We also offer complementary services like facebook Integration options that are available at a very reasonable price. SEO will markedly increase your rankings with the search engines and Pilgrim’s SEO Boost offers powerful support for startup projects and newborn websites who are interested in an excellent ROI.

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Social Media is the third pillar of SEO. Contact us to get your
business connected and wrangle the social network to your advantage.