How is my domain email managed?

There are three different methods of handling email on your domain name with our web hosting service:

  • Redirect/Forward to another mail server
  • Store mail on Pilgrim’s mail server and retrieve it with an installed mail client
  • Managed online with a Webmail client

Control over the way email is handled on your domain can be changed at any time. The control panel allows you to update email settings for your hosting account quickly and easily.

Option 1. Redirect/Forward mail

If you already have an email account, you can simply forward mail on your domain to an existing email addresses.
The advantage of having your domain email forwarded to an existing email address is that you can receive email from both addresses without reconfiguring your email client.

Option 2. Store Mail on Pilgrim’s mail server

Mail is stored in mailboxes on our servers.
All our hosting plans allow for multiple mailboxes that are managed through a customer control panel.

Option 3. Internet webmail

A webmail client is available requiring only a web browser to collect your email.
Webmail is useful if you are traveling or just out of your office, but is generally not suitable as long term option for handling business email.