Cheap vs Affordable

Arrow SignThere is a difference between Cheap and Affordable when it comes to web hosting. Many first time web hosting customers are unaware that an amazingly low price for web hosting service may not actually be the better deal.

Cheap web hosting service might be compared to the car dealer who offers rock bottom prices for an automobile only to charge a fee to install tires before it can be driven away.

Another place they may capitalize is by offering a super low, first year pricing come-on and then hit you with a big jump in price for the second year.
Another possible downside to cheap web hosting is poor support and/or abysmal server downtime statistics.

The Value of Affordable Web Hosting

Only slightly higher are the monthly or annual rates of affordable hosting solutions with fewer fees charged outside the plan payments. Additional benefits will typically include free plug-ins, customer management software, web templates and web publishing software like WordPress and other pieces of server-side software that people many times realize they need after they get started.
Cheap web hosting is a false economy that ultimately cost you more. Once customers realize they can do better, many end up changing over to an affordable but full-featured web hosting company.